What to Look For in a Tractor Worklight Kit

The best tractor worklights should meet the following specifications;
Made with LED Lights

Headlights Plus ROPS Lights 3LED lights far outlast all other types of lights.  They will probably outlast your tractor and even you.

LED lights use far less energy than conventional lights, reducing demand on your alternator and allowing you to power other electrical equipment even with your worklights on.

LED lights produce much more light than conventional lights using far less energy.

Rugged Aluminum Light Housings

ROPS Lights Rear Double 4Metal light housings are much more durable than plastic and aluminum is the best there is, because it does not rust and it is very light.

 Heavy Duty Primed and Painted Fully Adjustable Steel Mounting Brackets

Headlights Plus ROPS Lights 9The only thing that will last longer than the lights themselves; make sure the kit you buy has heavy duty brackets that will bolt securely to the ROPS on your tractor so these heavy duty lights don’t fall on your light duty head and so they don’t shake and vibrate, ensuring a clear, bright view.  Adjustable brackets allow you to rotate the lights forward and backward and also upward or downward to any angle.

Heavy Gauge Wiring with Crimped Connections and Sealed Switch box

ROPS Lights Front and Rear 5Make sure you purchase a worklight kit with heavy wiring, protected by an outer jacket.  The worklight kit should allow you to switch it on and off, independently of the headlights on the tractor (sometimes you will want to have only your worklights on and the headlights off, like when you are using the front end loader at night – this prevents the headlights from shining back into your face when using the loader). Crimped wiring connections ensure that the kit will not disconnect and a sealed switch box will help to prevent water and dirt from doing any damage.